Regent Power Couples Quality of Life with Renewable Energy Smarter Cities, Smarter Solutions

We build advanced customized end-products for Smart Cities that reduces crime and improves the quality of life. Our ability to integrate the best-in-class IoT solutions into many aspects of a Smart City ensures that whole neighborhoods are kept safe with our advanced gunshot detection and license recognition solutions. Electric vehicles are kept moving with our rapid and reliable charging solutions. We help Smart Cities save energy, generate power, boost illumination and keep businesses running.

Our indoor, outdoor and mobile capabilities provide clients with a triple layer of complete gunshot, firearm and explosive detection

We help clients overcome the ongoing gunshot detection system challenges of high false positives, lack of infrastructure, cost of trenching for installations and permit times.

Fast, accurate data enables Immediate, precise, and rapid response.

Since 2015 Regent Power has been creating advanced customized end-products for Smart Cities, municipalities, police departments, and private corporations.

Based in St. Louis Missouri we are a dynamic International woman-led WBE/DBE business that focuses on designing and implementing best-in-class IoT solutions that help Smart City clients solve complex problems and mitigate risks that impact people, businesses, organizations, the environment, public safety, and quality of life. To achieve this, we do not sell products “in a box.” We use our access to some of the most advanced products available on the market today, coupled with an in-depth analysis and understanding of the unique issues and events our customers face, to build bespoke solutions for Smart Cities.

Our value and uniqueness in the creation of these purpose-built solutions is founded in our access to and ability to collaborate with smart and forward-thinking Smart City architects, IoT and AI designers, construction companies, and municipalities. Our collaboration delivers advanced customized end-products for Smart Cities that benefits all who either live in, work in, or visit these cities.

We have delivered some of the most pioneering designs, many IoT-based, that include Smart City Lighting with camera surveillance, license plate recognition, and gunshot detection capabilities, DC Microgrids, and DC Electric Vehicle (EV) fast chargers (up to 300 kW to date and scalable as new technology allows). We always stay up to date on the latest technologies that enable us to stay ahead of technology upgrades and provide the best, customized solutions.

Being customer-focused is very important to us. While we are creating and implementing our solutions, we never lose sight of our customers. As a customer-centric company, we ensure that our customers are involved in the entire process of developing their solution – from conception to implementation.

We are an award-winning company – and proud of it! Our professionalism, technological, and Smart City expertise and customer focus have been crucial to being the 2018 recipient of the Smart 50 Awards, in partnership with Smart Cities Connect, Smart Cities Connect Foundation, and US Ignite. On an annual basis, these organizations recognize global smart city projects, honoring the most innovative and influential work. Navigant Research also recognized us as a 2017 Smart City Key Industry Player, and Laura Jones, our CEO, was recognized as 2019’s Enterprising Woman. In 2020 Regent was recognised as 10 Best Technology Solution Providers.

Regent Power Is A Mission-Driven Company That Is Passionate About Smart City Integration. We Believe Everything Is Possible.

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Smart City Solutions

Making cities resilient – delivering quality of life.


Active Shooter Technology

Our indoor, outdoor and mobile capabilities provide clients with a triple layer of complete gunshot, firearm and explosive detection.


Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicles are dependent on rapid, reliable charges.
Our system delivers widespread fast-charging and is financially viable.


Smart Commercial LED’s

Flicker free, energy-efficient lights.


DC Microgrids

When the power grid goes down for longer than your generator’s fuel will last, how will your business survive?