Active Shooter Technology

Our indoor, outdoor and mobile capabilities provide clients with a triple layer of complete gunshot, firearm and explosive detection. We help clients overcome the ongoing gunshot detection system challenges of high false positives, lack of infrastructure, cost of trenching for installations, and permit times. Fast, accurate artificial intelligence data enables immediate, precise, and rapid response.

Using the most sophisticated acoustic gunshot detection technology currently available, eliminating human interface, thereby providing dramatically improved accuracy, Regent Power is helping law enforcement agencies in cities, towns, respond proactively, quicker and more precisely to incidents where a gun has been fired. We are also helping businesses, campus environments, municipalities, retail stores, and neighborhoods keep safe and manage risk. Via our award winning partners we offer three layers of gunshot, firearm and explosive detection:

Layer One – Real-time and active gun and explosive detection provided by our partner Metrasens, clients can proactively prevent weapons from entering venues.

Layer Two – Outdoor gunshot and explosion detection capabilities provide by our partner, V5 Systems, ensures open areas surrounding a venue can be monitored for any gunshot or explosive activity.

Layer Three – Indoor gunshot and explosion detection provided by our partner AmberBox Gunshot Detection, enhances monitoring of the interior spaces in the venue for any gunshot and explosive activity.

When a gunshot goes off and our system detects it, all responders to the incident can act on the intelligence received with accuracy and confidence ensuring a quick incident resolution. Unlike other solutions, our system delivers near-immediate positive gunshot alerts – there are virtually no false-positives! Saving from five to 15 minutes on average, lives can be saved in E.R. The alerts generated shows GPS location, the trajectory of the shot, and high-definition camera footage stored in the cloud for 30 days. Camera footage can be searched after the fact to help with detective work and trial cases.

Our solutions can be mounted indoors, outdoors, moved from one location to the next with ease, built into streetlights and integrated with license plate recognition and streaming cameras. We have mobile gunshot detection solutions available for various applications that are 100% self-powered via a proprietary battery and power management system. Regent Power’s active shooter solutions deliver a faster, safer, reliable and more accurate response time to critical threats than other commercially available products.

Solutions available for: Indoors, outdoors, parking garages, mobile environments, portable turnkey self-powered units

Perfect for: Police departments, cities, counties, and high crime areas

Strategic partners: V5 Systems, AmberBox, Metrosense, and Respond AI

In development: A corridor solution for schools

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