DC Ultra-fast Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicles are dependent on rapid, reliable charges. Our system delivers widespread fast-charging and is financially viable

The transition to sustainable transportation is hindered by a lack of supporting infrastructure. Current EV charging infrastructure is impractical and inefficient to install due to our aging electricity grid. All the role players are impacted – drivers have to wait for charges, utilities are under huge strain to meet demand, government objectives are pushed out, and communities have to deal with continuedCO2 pollution.

Our DC fast chargers are not only safely, fast and reliable; they are also cheaper than any solution currently on the market. They can charge from the grid when electricity costs are more affordable allowing them to sidestep demand charges in place to recoup fixed costs for utility expenditure like power plants, power lines and transformers, all of which enable customers to connect to the grid and charge their EVs.

What’s the secret? Our solution has a battery energy storage component that enables ultra-fast chargers to function at high rates and dispense 100% of energy all the time ensuring more rapid charges. Ultimately, we can get EVs charged in 12-30 minutes, not hours, and onto the road in the shortest time possible. Our solution is completely scalable and as more advanced EV’s come into the marketplace, we can scale the energy delivery beyond 300Kw with a simple firmware change.

Without energy storage capabilities, other chargers, when utilized under specific (especially peak) conditions, can be unprofitable.

Whether you need a single EV charger or a multi-vehicle charging system, anywhere urban or rural – on (or off) the grid – that can be scaled and configured to your unique requirements, Regent Power’s advanced DC EV chargers will exceed your expectations.

Solutions available for: Charging networks, utilities and businesses wanting to become “green” and offer an EV charging service to employees and customers

Perfect for:

  • Fast Food and Grocers (check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QXo8TuvqQI )
  • Commercial sites
  • Gas stations wanting to cater for electric cars
  • Hotels
  • Apartments / Condos
  • Highway Access (Traditional gas stations or open land access)
  • Municipalities
  • Restaurants and coffee bars
  • Retail centers and stores
  • Parking Lots
  • Utilities

Strategic partners: eCAMION

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Need quote our battery testing needs. Laura builds trusted advisor relationships and always follows through on her commitments. She has become a good friend, and I would enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with her in the future.

 Norman Vickers – Managing Director, EMEA at Simple Energy

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Electric vehicles are dependent on rapid, reliable charges.
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