Micro Grids

When the power grid goes down for longer than your generator’s fuel will last, how will your business survive? How will your municipal or government department function and deliver its services? How will hospitals care for their patients?

We design energy storage solutions that act as a protective buffer between the grid and the application. This ensures that the application is able to function without any interruption to its power supply and exclusive of any negative impact to the grid.

For more than 10+ years, Regent Power’s DC Microgrids have reliably delivered power to businesses and organizations wanting to get ready for a power outage and continue operating through a power outage, irrespective of how long it lasts – without compromise or failure.

Our purposely designed, built and installed Microgrids ensure resilience, grid independence, that you stay in business and deliver essential services, and retain customers.

Whether you need a robust modular energy solution with a particular application, a standalone wind turbine, or your requirements necessitate an integrated solar, wind, battery storage, and DC generator-solution for complex scenarios; we have the capabilities to deliver. We work with the smartest forward-thinking design engineers and implementers to ensure that our solutions give without fail.

We provide solutions for any type or size of business or manufacturing facility, and our solutions can scale with your growth, requiring nothing more than a firmware upgrade to increase power output. Our cost-effectiveness comes as a direct result of our minimal “make ready” cost. Many of our competitors have to incur many expenses, which are passed on to their customers, to handle the process of adding back-up to upgrade and support the grid.

Solutions available for Utilities, businesses, and facilities wanting to not only prepare a worst-case scenario but can respond to it.

Perfect for:

  • Backup power applications
  • Facility expansions
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Renewable energy integration
  • Frequency regulation, grid stability, and power quality
  • Demand management
  • Time of use regulation (peak shaving and valley filling)
  • Energy efficiency– power factor correction and loss reduction
  • Hospitals, casinos, commercial buildings and manufacturers

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Need quote our battery testing needs. Laura builds trusted advisor relationships and always follows through on her commitments. She has become a good friend, and I would enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with her in the future.

 Norman Vickers – Managing Director, EMEA at Simple Energy

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When the power grid goes down for longer than your generator’s fuel will last, how will your business survive?