Smart Commercial LEDs

Flicker free, energy-efficient lights

The vast amount of LED lights sold for commercial, industrial and Smart City use today cannot handle the tough environment in which they are implemented, are usually cheap imports with poor warranty compliance and a shorter operational life span. Not ours!

Our flicker free Commercial LED lights are the first flicker-free LED tubes on the US market and can be customized for implementation in almost any type of indoor or outdoor environment or application, including those that are IoT enabled, and come with a ‘no questions asked’ 10-year warranty. Our commercial LED lights deliver a perfect and constant light distribution and can be focused for maximum efficiency. Depending on their application and where they are installed, our LEDs are smart enough that they can be controlled via a smartphone app.

Our flicker-free LED Commercial LED lights create safe environments for people with photosensitive epilepsy, migraine sufferers, and they enhance concentration and slow fatigue.

They are also non-toxic, safe, and deliver a solid ROI based on their energy efficiency and you will use fewer lights to do more, resulting in saving more than 80% of energy costs with a minimum amount of heat disbursement compared to fluorescent and incandescent lights. They are also non-toxic and are kind to the environment and people.

Our commercial LEDs also last on general six times longer than other types of lighting, reducing the need for frequent replacements and are also maintenance-free.

Regent Power’s LED lights are core components of our integrated Smart Streetlight solutions.

Perfect for:

  • High crime environments
  • Commercial Warehouses, Airports, and port facilities
  • Campuses, Retail stores, Corporate buildings
  • Cities, towns, villages, neighborhoods, municipalities
  • Government buildings
  • Industrial facilities, Office parks, Manufacturing facilities
  • Military facilities
  • Parking lots and garages, Automotive dealerships
  • Schools
  • Warehousing

Our Strategic Partners:

  • EnergyFocus
  • Everlast Lighting
  • StressCrete
  • Horner Lighting Group
  • King Luminaire


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Need quote our battery testing needs. Laura builds trusted advisor relationships and always follows through on her commitments. She has become a good friend, and I would enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with her in the future.

 Norman Vickers – Managing Director, EMEA at Simple Energy

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