Smart City Solutions

Making cities resilient – delivering quality of life

Our indoor, outdoor and mobile capabilities provide clients with a triple layer of complete gunshot, firearm and explosive detection.

We help clients overcome the ongoing gunshot detection system challenges of high false positives, lack of infrastructure, cost of trenching for installations and permit times.

Fast, accurate data enables Immediate, precise, and rapid response.

All cities know they need to deliver uninterrupted power, renewable energy, and a safe and secure environment to their residents and businesses. It focuses on business, improves the quality of life, and stops citizens from leaving dangerous cities in search of a safer environment. The challenge for many cities is just how to accomplish safety and quality of life.

We transform cities into Smart Cities.

We work with Smart City Architects to design and integrate solutions that enable future-minded cities and companies to deliver a better tomorrow built on the constant availability of power, use of renewable energy and enhanced safety to their publics. This is what we do:

• We help mitigate gun crime across cities through our three-layer gunshot capability provided by our partners. We implement technologies that proactively contribute to crime prevention and response saving critical time for gunshot victims. We offer cutting-edge systems that detect gunshots indoors, outdoors, and at building entries. Our drone solutions support municipalities and public agencies during wide-spread emergencies and during specialized public safety operations.

• Coupled with LED solutions, Regent Power delivers tailored solutions to reduce crime and increase public safety. Safety is boosted with effective and energy-efficient street lighting with customized controls which can be brightened in times of vulnerability or violence. We deliver more than a streetlight. Our integrated Smart Streetlight solutions include LED lights, sophisticated controls (for dimming or brightening lights in times of trouble), gunshot detection, license plate recognition, street-level flood detection, traffic flow monitoring capabilities, and more.

• We leverage our partnerships with the leading companies in their field to ensure cities are resilient to power outages by providing them with auxiliary energy for the grid by installing community microgrids and mobile energy storage for disaster recovery.

• We deliver market-leading electric vehicle charging solutions that not only meet the growing demand for access to citywide charging facilities but also ensure that there is access to a reliable charge at any time around the clock.

Perfect for:
• Cities, counties and municipalities
• Police departments
• Automobile Dealerships
• Smart City Architects (project partnership)
• Federal and state government agencies
• Fast food chains
• Grocery and retail chains
• Universities and schools

Strategic partners: V5 Systems, AmberBox, RespondAI, Metrasense, eCamion, Smart City Architects and Friezio.

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Need quote our battery testing needs. Laura builds trusted advisor relationships and always follows through on her commitments. She has become a good friend, and I would enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with her in the future.

 Norman Vickers – Managing Director, EMEA at Simple Energy

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Smart City Solutions

Making cities resilient – delivering quality of life.


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Our indoor, outdoor and mobile capabilities provide clients with a triple layer of complete gunshot, firearm and explosive detection.


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